Fitness Tailored To Your Needs

 At a Touch of Carribbean. We are dedicated to providing services tailored to your specific needs and goals. No persons body, shape, size, nor life are the same and neither should your fitness routine be.

Our personal trainers are certified in yoga, and aerobics to help maximize your tailored workout. We take on a holistic approach with our fitness routines and create  plans that will not only tone your body, but will exercise your mind and inner being as well.


Our specializations :

  • One on one personal training 
  • One on one yoga
  • One on one yoga blend
  • One on one Strength training
  • One on one strength blend 
  • One on one aerobics or Dance
Rates( instudio) 45 min.85 ~60 min.100
Rates( outstudio)60 min.140

* 20 min. massage can be added into 60 min. workout sessions for 30$

Please Note: Not whole body, you can however add a whole body massage to your session. Please see treatments page for massage prices.